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The bed base called spring box (or boxspring) is the most commonly used base with high quality beds manufacturers in the world. Their advantage is precisely the characteristic and long life. The differences in the four types of spring boxes we offer consist in their composition, design and height. The spring boxes can be combined with a headboard from our range of choice or it can be used with your own headboard. We offer a wide range of fabrics, leather like and real leather for the upholstery of your bed (headboard and spring box) in case that you would like to use your own fabric you must delivery the material to us, the delivery term may take longer.



springbox standard


luxusní postele


luxusní postele springboxy

STANDARD springbox 20 / 30 cm


CLEMENTINE springbox 25 / 35 cm CHATEAU springbox 20 cm 


 gazebo spring box



  GAZEBO springbox 23 cm  



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