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The platforms is part of the framed beds. it is a type of bed base.


pocket platform
wooden platform

Platforms- bed base

It’s possible to choose from two different types of platforms; a classic wooden platform 2 cm high and a 5 cm pocket platform. The difference between these two types is primarily in the comfort. The same mattress placed on a wooden platform seems a little harder than once placed on the platform with pocket springs.

It’s very important to place any of the King Koil or spring mattress in general on a flat surface. We do not recommend laying it on the classic slatted bases, you can make exception only if the gratings are maximum 5 cm apart. The ideal base for a spring mattress is that one which offers the support equally, that way the mattress can perform as expected. Both platforms provide good ventilation to the mattresses.



 Prices of standard sizes


Wooden platform

price with VAT

Pocket  platform

price with VAT

90 x 200 cm 2.276 CZK
5.786 CZK
120 x 200 cm 3.035 CZK
7.116 CZK
140 x 200 cm 3.604 CZK
9.297 CZK
160 x 200 cm 3.908 CZK
10.436 CZK
180 x 200 cm 4.174 CZK
11.573 CZK
200 x 200 cm 4.553 CZK
12.712 CZK




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