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Luxury mattress EMERALD

Basic information Specifications Materials


luxusní matrace emerald
amerald vyoká matrace King koil
kvlaitní matrace emerald koňské žíne

Basic information

In order to create an ambiance as spacious as in the day time and to protect the heat balance of the body all night long, the mattress should accomplish the air circulation. To realize this circulation, various materials can be used in our mattresses. 

The excellent combination of horsehair, latex and pocket spring system makes EMERALD the best selling type of mattress from our collection, mainly due to the horse horsehair but also for its irresistibly soft cover with a pattern of yellow roses.

The horsehair in mattresses is used for its antiseptic properties and ability to absorb moisture, which is created during sleep.

Latex is a material obtained from the milk of the rubber tree and creates optimal sleeping climate by linking the circulation of air, heat and moisture.

On a scale of firmness from 1 to 5 EMERALD is number 2 in the version MEDIUM (capacity - 100 kg), it is a medium-soft mattress. The mattress can be optionally made SOFT (soft - capacity 80 kg) and FIRM (hard - capacity 130 kg). Since the dimension 180x200 cm mattress can be optionally divided into two different hardness (eg weight difference between partners).

  • 5 zones tiled spring (260ks/m2) Detail mattress Emerald
  • Special comfort shoulder
  • It includes horsehair
  • A layer of natural latex high 3.8 cm
  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Mattress height 34 cm




1.   300 gr/m2 coat with a pattern of yellow roses
2.   150 gr/m2 mixture of silicone fibers
3.   17 mm super soft foam
4.   30 gr/m2 separating layer
5.   1200 gr/m2 horsehair
6.   30 mm soft foam
7.   30 mm latex foam
8.   20 mm soft foam
9.  200 gr/m2 white felt
10. frame of rigid foam
11. Pocket springs made ​of stainless steel with a diameter  of 1.6 / 1.8 mm in 5 areas (260 per m2)
12. 50 mm rigid foam
13. 15 gr/m2 separating layer
14. 12 mm foam AG
15. Cover 70% cotton
16. 17 mm white foam



Sizes and prices

The King Koil company is renowned for its production of mattresses tailored exactly to customer requirements. We produce standard size mattresses and very non-standard sizes (eg 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of + / - 1 cm, the largest mattress made for customers in Europe was a mattress in the size 250x250 cm.  


Prices of standard size mattress

Size Price Price with VAT
90 x 200 cm 27.652 CZK
33.459 CZK
100 x 200 cm 31.274 CZK
37.841 CZK
120 x 200 cm 34.413 CZK
41.640 CZK
140 x 200 cm 39.346 CZK
47.609 CZK
160 x 200 cm 44.852 CZK
54.271 CZK
180 x 200 cm 50.014 CZK
60.517 CZK
200 x 200 cm 55.291 CZK
66.902 CZK


We will advise and create an individual offer tailor-made to your project, so do not hesitate to contact us. Whether via online chat, phone or e-mail.




Materials - horsehair

     The Horse Hair is used to protect the heat balance our bodies, we need air as much as water. Our body sweats all day long in order to keep this balance and to provide the heat balance by evaporating the sweat thanks to the aircirculation.

Our body needs the same process and during the night, because while we sleep, our body sweats out about a half to one liter of water. To sweat off properly, the place that we spend the night should have a very good air circulation. When you ventilate your bedroom the horsehair "breathes" fresh air "exhales" the moisture, so the bed stays dry. Due to this air circulation the mattress will always be clean and you'll feel as if you are lying on a cloud.


Natural latex

The main difference of latex is the natural latex and synthetic latex. The King Koil mattresses Finding natural latex.

Latex is a white liquid produced in the dairy rubberwood trees. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mite resistant and does not absorb dust. Natural latex is breathable and has excellent thermoregulation, warm in winter and cool in summer. Latex is naturally elastic material, which ensures your body while sleeping ideal support. Due to its flexibility you rotate easier without accidentally awakening.


                               Pocket Spring System

  Springs in the "Pocket Spring" system are placed individually in the interconnected textile pockets and are located in the mattress horizontally to form five different zones. The human body is the five different pressure points and zones in different hardnesses up his gear. The distribution of zones helps to correct blood circulation. The aim of this spring system is correct orthopedic use springs and reduce movement caused by the movement of your partner, allowing you to sleep continuously. The number of springs in the mattress is more than 260 pieces per square meter, these springs are connected to each other, but they move independently, so the best way to support the body and are also twice more durable than the standard springs.




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