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Luxury mattress



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Luxusní matace diamond pillow top
hotel diamond pillow top
Rucne vyrabena matrace King Koil Victoria delux

Basic information

The DIAMOND PILLOW TOP mattress will provide the ultimate in convenience, especially if you love firm mattress. The pocket springs provide you the support you need for a restful night's sleep. Complete with mattress technology Solid Edge Perimeter ® protects hips before "collapse" common in many manufacturers without years of experience.

On a scale of firmness from 1 to 5 the mattress DIAMOND PILLOW TOP is a No. 5 in design medium, it is firm mattress.


  • 3 zones pocket springs
  • antibacterial fabric
  • the mattress topper contains (pillowtop) to achieve optimum comfort
  • mattress height 38 cm





Complete Solid Edge Perimeter ® technology used on the edges of special high-pressure foam mattresses, and reduces stress on the edges of the mattress. Thanks to ensure a comfortable, restful sleep and durable mattress edge.

    The DIAMOND PILLOW TOP mattress uses a special spring system called LFK interspring system, which is currently the best system available. Each coil moves independently, is more sensitive to the shape of the body and has a longer life with less motion transfer. LFK innerspring system provides more support than the standard spring systems (more springs per m2) and is more comfortable than other conventional spring systems.   

The Pillow top layer of the top mattress (or topper) provides further easingpressure on the spine and easies your moves. Generous comfort layers used in a high-DIAMOND PILLOW TOP mattress will give you the feeling of complete relaxation and comfort.


Sizes and prices

The King Koil company is renowned for its production of mattresses tailored exactly to customer requirements. We produce standard size mattresses and very non-standard sizes (eg 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of + / - 1 cm, the largest mattress made for customers in Europe was a mattress in the size 250x250 cm.


Prices of standard size mattress

Size Price Price with VAT
90 x 200 cm 43.200 CZK
52.272 CZK
100 x 200 cm 44.160 CZK
53.434 CZK
120 x 200 cm 45.600 CZK
55.176 CZK
140 x 200 cm 47.520 CZK
57.499 CZK
160 x 200 cm 49.920 CZK
60.403 CZK
180 x 200 cm 51.312 CZK
62.088 CZK
200 x 200 cm 56.160 CZK
67.954 CZK


We will advise and create an individual offer tailor-made to your project, so do not hesitate to contact us. Whether via the contact form, online chat, phone or e-mail.






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