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Luxury mattress



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Luxusní matrace avalanche
Vysoká matrace avalanche
luxusní matrace avalanche plus king koil

Basic information

AVALANCHE PLUS is a good choice for those who love natural materials and thicker mattress. The mattress is made according to the original recipe from King Koil out of 16 layers of different materials. The mattress consists of thick latex topper (non-removable top mattress) and five zone pocket spring system, which allows the body to make contact with the mattress all support points and offer great comfort and support.

The latex is a material obtained from the milk of the rubber tree and creates optimal sleeping climate by linking the circulation of air, heat and moisture.

On a scale of firmness from 1 to 5 the mattress AVALANCHE PLUS number 3 in the media (capacity 110 kg), it is a medium-firm mattress. The mattress can be optionally made still perform SOFT (soft - capacity 90 kg) and FIRM (hard - capacity 140 kg). Since the dimension 180x200 cm mattress can be optionally divided into two different hardness (eg weight differences between the partners).

  • 5 zones pocket spring (220 per m2)   
  • special comfort shoulder
  • a layer of 6 cm natural latex 
  • antibacterial fabric
  • the mattress topper contains (pillowtop) to achieve optimum comfort
  • theattress height is 35 cm




  • Cover Rayon
  • 300 gr/m2 mixture of silicone fibers
  • 3, 300 gr/m2 mixture of silicone fibers
  • 17 mm foam HYP
  • 60 mm visco foam
  • 30 gr/m2 separating layer
  • 60 mm latex foam
  • 24 mm foam HYP
  • 500 gr/m2 felt
  • frame of rigid foam
  • pocket springs made ​of stainless steel with a diameter of 1.6 / 1.8 mm in 5 areas (260 per m2)
  • 500 gr/m2 felt
  • 24 mm foam HYP
  • 50 mm rigid foam
  • 5 gr/m2 separating layer
  • Cover Rayon
  • Cover Rayon
  • 12 mm foam AG
  • 17 mm foam HYP



Sizes and prices

The King Koil company is renowned for its production of mattresses tailored exactly to customer requirements. We produce standard size mattresses and very non-standard sizes (eg 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of + / - 1 cm, the largest mattress made for customers in Europe was a mattress in the size 250x250 cm.


Prices of standard size mattress

Size Price Price with VAT
90 x 200 cm 17.421 CZK
21.080 CZK
100 x 200 cm 19.190 CZK
23.219 CZK
120 x 200 cm 22.028 CZK
26.654 CZK
140 x 200 cm 25.311 CZK
30.626 CZK
160 x 200 cm 28.272 CZK
34.209 CZK
180 x 200 cm 31.340 CZK
37.921 CZK
200 x 200 cm 34.518 CZK
41.767 CZK


We will advise and create an individual offer tailor-made to your project, so do not hesitate to contact us. Whether via the contact form, online chat, phone or e-mail.




Materials - natural rubber latex

The basic division of latex is the natural latex and synthetic latex. The King Koil mattresses Finding natural latex.

Latex is a white liquid produced in the dairy rubberwood trees. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and does not absorb dust. Natural latex is breathable and has excellent thermoregulation, warm in winter and cool in summer. Latex is naturally elastic material, which ensures your body while sleeping ideal support. Even due to its flexibility will rotate for you to sleep easier without accidentally awakening.


                                    Pocket Spring System

Ther springs in the "Pocket Spring" system are placed individually in the interconnected textile pockets and are located in the mattress horizontally to form five different zones. The human body has five different pressure points and zones in different hardnesses up his gear. The distribution of zones helps to correct blood circulation. The aim of this spring
system is correctly orthopedic use springs and reduce the motion caused by the movement of your partner, allowing you to sleep continuously. The number of springs in the mattress is more than 260 pieces per square meter, these springs are connected to each other, but they move independently, so the best way to support the body and are also more durable than the standard springs.




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