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Springbox GAZEBO

springbox gazebo

Springbox Gazebo -  height 23 cm

This springbox is as well called "pool design", where the edges are beveled inward and give the feeling that mattress is more stable on the bed. The design for this spring box is more sophisticated and the lines are smoother. The spring box contains 5 cm high pocket springs for even more comfort during sleep.

We offer a wide range of fabrics, leather like and real leather for the upholstery of your spring boxes.

Prices of standard sizes

Size Price
Price with VAT
70 x 200 cm

8.747 CZK

10.584 CZK
80 x 200 cm 9.316 CZK
11.273 CZK
90 x 200 cm

9.884 CZK

11.960 CZK
100 x 200 cm 10.452 CZK
12.646 CZK
120 x 200 cm 14.541 CZK
17.595 CZK





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