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Top mattress - SYMPHONY topper



svrchní matrace topper Symphony pro váš zdravý spánek


Prices of standard size mattress

Size Price
Price with VAT
80 x 200 cm 5.195 CZK
6.286 CZK
90 x 200 cm 5.708 CZK
6.907 CZK
100 x 200 cm 6.147 CZK
7.438 CZK
120 x 200 cm 7.025 CZK
8.500 CZK
140 x 200 cm 7.902 CZK
9.562 CZK
160 x 200 cm 8.781 CZK
10.625 CZK
180 x 200 cm 9.587 CZK
11.600 CZK
200 x 200 cm 10.538 CZK
12.751 CZK


The unique combination of camel wool and silk

The camel wool is a temperature insulation. It is used on one of the sides of the topper, inspired mainly on the body temperature balance of camels in the desert conditions, where there are large differences between night and day temperatures. In winter, when it is particularly difficult to maintain body temperature, camel wool is used to its optimum retention.

Pure silk is used on the other side of the topper; thanks to its properties it increases the air circulation in the bed. Silk regulates body temperature and reduces sweating. It is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.

Height: 6 cm.


* 150 gr / m2 camel wool
* 250 gr / m2 silk
* 17mm hyper foam
* 12mm foam AG




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