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The mattresses recommended for the hospitality section from our King Koil product line are:

King Koil® Hotel Diamond Pilow Top

This is a top class mattress. Is made of 3 zones pocket springs, Special mattress frame, several layers of latex comfort zone topper for additional comfort. Mattress height is 38 cm. More information about Diamond Pillow Top mattress here.


King Koil® Nobility

Boutique hotel mattress. This mattress includes a topper, equipped with a special memory foam designed for maximum comfort. Its double spring layers provides a superior comfort and support your spine, it’s built with antiallergic materials. The best choice for boutique hotels. The mattress height is 36 cm. More information about the mattress Nobility here.



King Koil® Switzerland

Comfortable mattress with sturdy construction. This mattress is suitable for all types of hotels. It is very common to add a topper to this mattress in order to get a softer feeling. The mattress firmness is 5 in a scale from 1 to 5 - hard. The mattress height is 26 cm. More information about the mattress Switzerland here.

More types of mattresses can be found in the category customized mattresses.



Maintenance of hotel mattresses

Mattress protector

The mattress protector is an easy protection for the hotel mattresses. It should be washable, the mattress protector is made ​of natural materials (usually cotton). In the hotels you can find two types, a cheaper type is a coating directly drawn on the mattress and zippered. A better quality type is a removable rubberized coating, which wrappes the mattress. This mattress protector is very important for bed hygiene and durability. It is mostly supplied by the manufacturer of the mattress.

Care mattress

The life time for a hotel mattress is normally 5-7 years of use, as is hygienically recommended carpets and other products containing fabric. In order to extend the life time and keep the same quality of the mattress is recommended to turn it. Most hotel mattresses have already a marked sticker with the months on the right corner for a clear record of whether the mattress is rotated.

Best hotel mattresses

The best-known and best hotel chains of the world mostly use for production of mattresses its long-tested and proven recipe where the secret is in the details of the individual composition. Tuning these details and testing various materials can take up to several years of testing and participate in it team of specialists who build the ideal hotel's beds. Most managers in this hotel category realized that quality hotel bed and mattress is really important. The reward is absolutely satisfied guests who appreciate that management is choosing the perfect hotel mattress. Based on that you can offer to your guests a sleep program which includes basically mattresses, pillows, blankets and bed linen.



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